The Golden Train


Linkin Letswalo, nine years old, held his little bulb he made himself to read in his solitary confinement room that was used to confine mischievous slaves who worked the grounds during apartheid. He used the lightbulb when all the lights have been put off and the full moon is no longer brightening his room from a tiny window. ‘The Adventures and Stanley’, was his favourite read. He tried to sit as comfortable as possible, he didn’t have a bed and only a blanket and a duvet which he stuffed his clothing so that is could make the floor more bearable. He glanced with admiration to the words and read them carefully.

“Lights out Linkin!” a heavy voice said.

“What are you doing in there?! I do not pay electricity for you to waste it!” Linkin switched off the light so quick that it broke, his heart crushed as he won’t have anything to read with tomorrow. The door opened and a silhouette reflection of a chunky figure appeared between the door and the door pane, the figure looked like it had horns in its head.

“Linkin stinking! I do not appreciate your ignorance.” ‘What is ignorance?’ Linkin thought.  The figure made out a chunky woman. She had a very pale skin, wore red lipstick and had crazy round eyes that complemented her round cheeks. She was heavy and fat and slowly as she walked, her hair had two huge hair rollers on each side. She approached the door and slammed it open.

“What did I tell you, you ungrateful little stinking boy. Did I not tell you to turn off the lights?” she said, her eyes filled with fury.

Linkin’s face pigmented and from a distance his freckles seemed to be twitching with fear.

“I am sorry mother, I will not do it again I promise,” he replied quickly.

“You better, because I won’t return again, and oh, you just lost your slice of bread for breakfast tomorrow morning,” she snorted her face.

“But mother, I only get a slice a day,” said Linkin, his heart sinking further. “I know. So that means you won’t get any bread tomorrow,” she turned, and a heavy metal door screeched behind her.

Linkin slept in an old unused small room just beside the basement, the room resembled a solitary confinement room used in the apartheid era. He would usually suffer the vindication of being starved, just because he usually slept with the lights on. Another reason he feared to switch off the light every night was because of the two dreams he would have every night. The first dream was about the first day he met Pricilla and the dream will begin were he hears laughter of two unclear adults in front of him. Then, one day a tall man in a black suit came to fetch him at his home, with no explanation of what was going on. They drove for a long time until the car came to a halt. They got out of the car to a very big house that looked ‘evil from the outside,’ that’s what Linkin thought when he saw it. The man carried a black and torn suitcase on his right hand and took Linkin’s hand on the other, he marched towards the door and his movement was as straight as a ruler. Linkin thought he walked like a robot. He knocked on the door with a huge door ringer, but the sound was indistinct that he rang the very loud doorbell. A very heavy and thick voice called on, “Petunia go get the door, its irritating me!” Petunia was a tall and slender lady, with beautiful fair brown skin.

‘She looks starved out,’ Linkin thought.

“Please come in Sir,” she said with a soft inaudible voice. Linkin looked around the huge house with its very huge stair case that looked like it went out forever inside the house. The two adults’ whispered things to each other and Petunia the famished looking lady disappeared from a door on the side of the stair case. Linkin wondered around and started painting the whole room in his imagination. Moments later a very fat and heavy woman came out of the door, Mother Pricilla, she called herself. She and the tall man whispered things to each other and from that angle, Linkin could see the woman changing facial expressions. From a smile to a frown, to a big frown, to anger and more irritation, and all that Linkin heard was. “His name is Linkin Letswalo, and he is your brother’s son.” The tall man said impassively.

“What? But he is black!” she said loudly.

“Madam, but his skin is lighter than the blacks” he assured her.

“But his hair is curly and black” she said loudly. The tall man cleared his throat and pointed Linkin’s side with his eyebrow at Mother Pricilla. From the shouting, it went back to little whispers and her facial expression was no longer favourable. She looked like a person who is seeking alternatives. Mother Pricilla does not want to be embarrassed moreover caring for a mixed race boy would insult and embarrassed her further. She classified herself and family as of high calibre. The tall man turned and left Linkin standing there with the black suitcase, he gave him five Rand and left. Linkin never saw him again. Mother Pricilla turned and went back to the door that Petunia went to earlier. Linkin waited for some time. He saw two little people peeping from the stairways, he leaped to look, and they ran away. Petunia came out and escorted him to a plain room, she sighed with concern and left the suitcase on the floor and turned to leave. Mother Pricilla came shortly after Petunia left. She looked at Linkin, and then came closer to observe Linkin like he was some kind of an unknown disease. She scrutinised him, shrivelled his hair then wiped herself on Linkin’s shirt. Closely she looked at his feet, under his arms, in his nostrils then she frowned at his freckles.

“Young boy I shall establish the rules. Rule number one you must do as I say, when I say and how I say it,” she said seriously. Linkin stood looking at her dumbfounded and he tried to ask a question, “eh…” 

“… and number two, do not attempt to ask questions. And number three, get rid of those clothes,” she said hastily. She handed him and old grey shorts and a dirty white shirt. Linkin looked at his clothes and back at the one Mother Pricilla handed her. He urged to ask, but looking at mother Pricilla was scary.

“Can I go and play outside?” he gloomily asked.

“No! No! No! You do not play outside, you will never play outside!” she looked fanatically at him. Linkin looked down sadly.

“What am I going to do then?” he asked uncertain.

“Well of course you will be doing the chores around the house. There is much to do in this magnificent house, since Petunia couldn’t get around to everything!” she snapped. “Listen to me! I am about to reveal to you where you actually come from and you better note this. When people ask who you are, just say you are the maid’s infidelity. Petunia is your mother and she had you out of wedlock. You are from far and she hid this shame for some time” she browsed at Linkin. “Are you listening carefully boy?” she added. Linkin nodded and a ray of golden light would appear. Linkin’s second dream would be of the golden train. He would see an average sized man with moustache and a navy Breton hat winking at him and ushering him inside the train. He walked slowly and happily towards the man and…

“It’s morning little stinking boy, now get to work! Those statues won’t shine themselves” said Mother Pricilla grimly. Linkin awakened with fear and quickly dressed in his torn clothes.  As Linkin got out of the tiny isle room he saw the two little people disappear to the other room, the two people are actually Charlie and Scoop, Mother Pricilla’s twins that she is proud of. Mother Pricilla dislikes Linkin and does not want him near her boys, as her high calibre extends to think Linkin may turn her boys into black little boys. Her late brother’s extracurricular activity of indulging in black women, was enough for Mother Pricilla to dislike his brother to death. A stem man would pass Linkin every morning when he is cleaning the statues, He mostly wore brown corduroy pants, a beige shirt, a dark green tie and firmly holding his brown briefcase. “Hello boy, bye boy,” said Mr Pricilla, as Linkin called him. He walked past Linkin and went out the door. Linkin always sees him during the mornings and sometimes he does not even see him. ‘What a strange man’ Linkin thought. Linkin performed his duties just like always, he firstly washed the dishes and Petunia helped to dry them. He then shined the rest of the house, and when he was done, he would sit by the round window overlooking the backyard garden, and stare outside. Petunia offered him four toasted bread, but Linkin refused. “Why?” she asked, “because Mother said I do not have bread today” he sadly said. “What nonsense, here you can save some for later in your room,” she offered. Linkin took the bread happily and saved some in his room. “Petunia!” a loud voice called.

“Yes Pricilla, I am coming,” she hurriedly left. Linkin went to the window and stared outside his sad face looked out into a different and wonderful world that awaited him, he thought what it would be like to be outside, out in the open and then his thoughts changed to the dream he has every night ‘The Golden Train’, he imagines himself inside the train, in total happiness and all the nice and weird people in it. Linkin smiled and he then became gloomy and thought about his parents. He wondered how they were and whether they loved him as much as he loves them. Linkin cannot make out their faces, he only remembers his father holding him and his mother feeding him in a blurry vision. These thoughts made him sad and he wished to see them at least once so that he may have their still memories. Then outside it started to snow the window frosted and became gold, Linkin was amazed at this he looked around to see if anyone was watching.  He left in a hurry towards the kitchen to find Petunia but he found Mother Pricilla. “What are you doing boy? And where are you going in such menace?” she looked deep into his eyes and frowned.

“Mother where is Petunia? I have something to show her.”

“She is not here! And I think it’s time for your nap.”

“But I am not sleepy” he sadly said.

“Now you are, stinking boy,” she insisted. Mother Pricilla always had a way to crash Linkin’s happiness because she thought little of him. “Mother it is snowing outside,” said Linkin quickly. “So, what is the problem with that? I know snow, now go!” replied Pricilla annoyed. Linkin left the kitchen and went to his isle room, he ate the second slice of toasted bread Petunia gave to him and he slept. He had the most beautiful dream on that day, he dreamt of moustache man in the train and he was giving him his ticket and he winked at him. A loud doorbell woke him up.


Linkin jumped and he went to see who it was, he hid behind the staircase. Outside stood a man with a very crazy moustache, he was pale and very glumly, his eyes were big and exciting. Mother Pricilla called out Petunia and she seemed to have disappeared in the large house. She heavily stood up and walked slowly towards the door. The doorbell rang again. Mother Pricilla was really maddened. “I am coming!” she said loudly than the doorbell. She opened the door and she faced the person and frilled her nose. “Who are you may I ask?” Mother Pricilla had a reputation of belittling people who seemed to be less of her class. She always thinks that she is bigger and better. ‘She is bigger but not better’ Linkin thought. “Is Linkin Leswalo in?” he asked. Linkin’s interest grew as he heard the man asking for him, his eyes got bigger and his smile got wider, he thought the man was coming to free him off Pricilla’s evil confinement.

“And who are you I asked?” she rudely asked again.

“Excuse me for being Rude Madame, Sir Wimpi at your service, but actually at Linkin’s service, yes, yes,” said Sir Wimpi animatedly, as he bowed.

“He does not live here! May I ask you to leave Sir Whatever,” slightly closing the door?

“Sir Wimpy actually, and the address says that he lives here,” he insisted. “No he does not!” she said. Linkin wanted to jump out and say that he actually lives here, but his fear of Mother Pricilla was so vast that he held himself back. Sir Wimpy tried to peep in and look, but the huge body of Mother Pricilla blocked his view.

“Isn’t him over there,” he directly pointed at Linkin.

“No!” she quickly answered.

“Look Madame I do not have time to argue, I am actually a busy man” he firmly said and took out his chronograph pocket watch. Mother Pricilla burst out laughing at him.

“You call being a police officer a busy job, please?” laughing amusingly.

“I am not a policeman, I am a train conductor, for the most exquisite, elegant, fun and never seen before The Golden Train,” he proudly said, looking up and down to Mother Pricilla.  Linkin’s eyes grew more with intrigue and suspense. “Look Madame, give this to him, and please makes sure that he gets it, it is very important. And ah, please it is for his eyes only. Are we clear Pricilla?” as he turned to leave and disappeared. Mother Pricilla closed the door staring at the envelope and headed to the study room of Mr Pricilla. She sat on his chair and tore the envelope, it was enveloped with gold paper and was closed with wax in navy blue and encrypted on it was The Golden Train Express, and she looked at it and opened it very fast and read it:

Dear Mr Linkin Letswalo

You are hereby invited to join the journey in

The Golden Train Express, on the day of 11th July.

We are very pleased to present this opportunity to you,

You are hereby given exclusive rights journey with your Honourable

Sir Wimpi

Hope to see you soon.

NB see the enclosed ticket; keep it safe if you want to join us.

Yours Happily

Edmund Wimpi

This made Mother Pricilla angry and worried.  She thought, ‘who are these people? What is this Golden Train? And how do they know that Linkin lives here?’ All of these questions rounded in her thoughts, she quickly looked around if anybody was watching she then slipped the letter in a book and slid it back in the bookshelf and left the study room. Linkin always found a way around the house in his spare time. He would wonder around the house and unlock the mysteries of the house. He found secret passageways and doorways and was always proud of himself for finding the old ‘treasure’ around the house. He sneaked in the study for the first time, he looked around to see if anyone was coming, he crawled carefully towards the bookshelf and reached for the Thomas Weakling book, but it was too high for his height. He then took the fancy chair and climbed on it and opened the book. He took the letter addressed to him and sat on the chair and turned the letter and saw a burnished golden ticket, engraved in navy blue ink, on the front of it:

Sir Linkin Letswalo

Coach No. 17

First Class

1 unbroken journey

11th July

The Golden Train Express

Linkin smiled and jumped on the chair, and quickly slipped the ticket in his pocket and left the letter in the book. He heard footsteps and he slid the book back and got out on the secret passage just beside the bookshelf. Mother Pricilla got in and sniffed out the room, she made a snort face. “Who the hell was here? Petunia!” she screamed rowdily. Linkin ran and hid the golden ticket in a special place where he hides his inventions. Petunia came running into the study, “who was here Petunia?” she angrily asked. “I do not know Pricilla, I was never…” she paused. “ I mean, I was cleaning in here, and I am sorry for lying I thought you were going to hit me. Just that this place had a lot of dust, so I figured,” she said anxiously.

“Figured what Petunia? You had the joy of playing on the chair?” she was enraged. “Get out! Get out! I’ll deal with this,” as she turned around to face the bookshelf, her face got more fumed and scarier. She looked at the book that was sticking out on its own, the Thomas Weaklings book, she rushed to the bookshelf and swiftly opened the book and found the letter. She sighed and held the book close to her chest. Mother Pricilla did not want Linkin to leave the house and she would stop at nothing to make sure of that. She became anxious as her eyes where lit. She observed the chair in an obtuse angle and moved closer to observe it. She saw what looked like feet, and yes of course the leather drew out Linkin’s feet. She opened the letter and looked for the enclosed ticket and she found nothing. She then looked in the envelope and found nothing. She paused and thought, and screamed her lungs out, “Linkin Leswalo!” enraged with fury. Linkin heard her, his head started to spin, his freckles started to twitch, his palms started to sweat, and he started to shiver. He quickly took out the Golden Ticket and looked at it and slipped it back in his pocket. He ran to the left and found a passageway, it felt like it went out forever and he found a child sized passageway and went through it. He crawled slowly and looked for an exit, and he turned left again and fell instantly into a room he had never seen before. He did not want to go, but he was so afraid that he got stuck in his thoughts. He took out the Golden Ticket in his pocket and looked at it. He whispered to it; “Please take me away from here, please take me away from here”. Mother Pricilla was chanting up to his tiny confinement room, she walked faster than she ever walked in 20 years. Linkin was in Charlie and Scoop’s bedroom.  Linkin locked the room and stood back. The room was spotlessly clean, and the twin beds were neatly parallel to each other. Mother Pricilla was going mad looking in each and every room of the house.  She fumed with rage checking every corner she knew. Linkin sat on the bed looking at the Golden Ticket, it fell out of his hand and floated down next to the door, he quickly picked it up and wiped the floor dust from it, he paused and slowly he turned the ticket and saw writings at the back of it, it read:

Open a door to a Golden place.

Once your there, time cannot replace.

Look within your deepest wish.

He will be here, and you will be wilted[1].

Close your eyes and then you’ll see.

Welcome to the Golden Train.

A golden ray appeared within the ticket he felt his body slowly being sucked within the ray. Everything seemed to be moving in a fast-forward and the room was disappearing …

He fell hard on his side in a dark mysterious place. He got up and looked around, it was a train station, but there was no one there. Linkin stood confused and heard a knock from the side of a passage wall.

“Who is there? I am armed,” he lied. A very puny man walked out from the shadows and became visible, he had a long square nose and round ocean blue eyes, his face was pink and pale and had wrinkles. His clothes made him look like a hobo and he used a walking stick.

“And who are you?” he cringed his nose.

“I am Linkin Letswalo,” he down casted.

“Is that a name, it actually sounds like a nursery rhyme,” he tittered. Linkin looked at him confusingly, the puny man turned to look in his bag, and Linkin leaned over to see what he was doing.

“What are you looking at?” he turned.

“Nothing Sir…” he silently tittered.  

“…curious I see, anyway who are you and what are you doing in a wonderful and magical city of Galoa.” he passionately asked.

“Linkin Letswalo, Sir, and I think I am lost”.

“Lost eh? I see so you do not know where you are?” he gazed at him.

“Yes Sir, can you maybe show me the directions home?” he looked around. “Home eh? Are you sure you want to go home young Linkin?” he looked deeply in his face.

“Well, I do not know where to go and the train leaves on the 11th July,” he said worryingly.

“And the today is the 7th. Oh boy you are so early, so you have the Golden Ticket I see, you must keep it safe, not lying carelessly in your pocket,” he looked at him. Linkin felt out his pocket and wondered how he knew about the Golden Ticket. He stepped back and looked around to see if there is any flight door.

“Help yourself young Linkin, where would you go? There is no door to escape, but I do not mind if you become my guest,” he said slyly.

“Eh, I am fine thank you,” he muttered.

“Please young Linkin I have bed and breakfast, plus it is registered,” he insisted. Linkin had no choice, and he did not want to go back to Mother Pricilla’s house, as he didn’t know how he would go back.

“Okay I’ll go with you,” he said unsurely.

“Now follow me young Linkin,” he held his hand and leaded him through the wall. The wall leaded them in a dark forest.

“We must hurry the journey is long,” he said to Linkin clenching his hand. The journey was long and Linkin did not know what to talk about.

“So, what is your name Sir?” he said quickly.

“My name? Well my name is Beeswax,” he said smiling.

“Beeswax! Why Beeswax, are you made from it or what?” he surprisingly asked.

“Ha, ha, you are a very funny young oak, no to all of your questions, including those you are thinking of now.” he smiled. Linkin was so amazed at Beeswax ability to read his thoughts.

“Well young Linkin you are as open as a Thomas Weaklings book, you are so easy to read and that is actually a very dangerous weakness you have,” he said bemused.

“What you mean by dangerous Sir Beeswax, you do not mind if I call you Sir Beeswax right?” he said worryingly.

“This is not a joke young Linkin, you see as wonderful and magical as Galoa may be, there are many evil minds wondering around to get their hands on…”

Beeswax stopped and looked with admiration to the big cleared ground. He rose his walking stick to the air, and it shot out a light to the sky. A house melted into view. ‘It is big, but it looks homely,’ Linkin thought. The two huge oak doors opened, and they entered. Linkin was curious and was looking in every direction as the room lit with every step they took. They reached an open dining area and Beeswax sat his bag down and turned to look at Linkin… “Sit down here I will be back,” he left. Linkin was left staring at the room. The room wall were all covered in oak wood and it was plain with no decorations, accept for a portrait of  beautiful woman, with grey long hair and blue eyes, ‘she is picture perfect’  Linkin thought. “Very beautiful woman isn’t she?” said a voice behind him. Linkin jumped to turn with his heart beating.

“Who is she? I mean what’s her name?” he asked quickly to hide his fear. “You will soon find out on your own,” he laughed and disappeared through the door. Linkin felt his freckle shiver in fear and he looked around to see where Beeswax has gone, “Sir Beeswax? Where are you?” he called out, he stuttered to look around for a door.


“I do not believe this!” said a tiny, irritated voice.

“Oh, keep quiet Spyglass, you are chanting like a lost squirrel” he said irritated. As they walked through the dark alleys of Loath, Spyglass kept looking at a very strange watch on his hands, with peculiar levers. linkages and entrapments.

“Anyway, who are we exactly looking for?” he quickly asked.

“The boy Spyglass keep up with the programme,” he said annoyed. “Anyway, what is he doing this early in Galoa? The train only leaves five days from now” he looked up. Spyglass was a very witty inventor, he had an eye for good things and great inventions, but really slow at thought and Torgus was masculine, fast, he is sap and always seek answers before taking any decisions.

“Spy, I think the boy is in trouble,” said Torgus quickly.

“We must hurry then.” he looked at his watch.

“Are you picking up his trail?”

“Yes, he is at Beeswax house, wait a minute! Beeswax house?” he became bewildered. “Get in Spy we need to run,” he worryingly said. He took out a weirdly shaped metal entrapment and threw it on the ground and it imaged into an automotive. Spyglass got on side of Torgus three-wheeled motorcycle and they speed off through the dark alleys.

Linkin was scared for his life he kept on touching his pocket to protect the Golden Ticket, a shadow image appeared from the portrait and floated towards him, and the portrait remained empty.

“The young Linkin glad you could join me,” as she whisked left and right. “Who are you may I ask?” he asked bravely.

“I am your wildest dream, your every fantasy and your every wonder you have every night in your tiny-tiny-room of yours.

“How did you know about my living arrangements?” he asked curiously and proudly at his level of comprehension.

“More than you think I know. I do not have time to waste, now listen! I have a proposition for you, and I need your attention” she eagerly said. Linkin moved back and she flew faster right at his face and stared at him. “Now listen, I want you to do me a favour. I want you bring me something I have lost, more specifically the Golden Egg.” She spoke.

“What is the Golden Egg?” he mattered.

“It is a very special Egg that runs the golden train, now I want…” She heard a loud bang then disappeared and Linkin when he turned back the woman was gone. He looked and stared to see a door, the noise got louder and closer, Linkin stepped back and the house disappeared in the darkness.

Two shadows appeared and Linkin’s heart started to beat faster. “How does he do that? I wish I could move my house.”

“Keep quiet Spyglass!”

“Do you think they took the boy?” he looked at Torgus huge, muscled body. “I do not know, but look through the smoke, they cannot take him,” he surely said.

“What do you mean when you say they cannot take him?”

“Get the programme Spyglass the boy has to do something for Beeswax, you know those two do not like to do their own dirty job,” getting irritated. “There he is right there,” pointing at the darkness. “Are you lying Spy?” looking him in the eye. ‘Seriously get with the programme Torgus, I mean get with the eyes. There he is,” still pointing at the darkness. Torgus did not see anything. Linkin touched his pocket to check and see if he still had the Golden Ticket. The two shadows appeared more nearer, “who is there? I am armed,” he lied. The shadows kept on whispering and then they laughed at the armed young Linkin. He looked where he could run to and he charged forward to run. “He is on the move. Should I get him or do you want to do the honours?” he said with pride.

“Rather you than me,” he looked at his pocket watch. Torgus charged with speed toward Linkin and he was just in front before he knew it.

“Please do not hurt me,” he pleaded, dodging with his hands on his face. “You are coming with me,” he picked him up with one hand and started charging toward Spyglass.

Beeswax house returned to be smaller and they were in the secret lair of Lady Barbidi,[1] the beautiful woman on the portrait, she looked the same just that this time her eyes were pure evil, they turned normally to golden yellow. She marched up and down nervously.

“I hate those two, especially the huge one and that dweeb, he better prepare himself, I would be visiting him soon.

“How did they find us?” her hair turned to black.

“Madame pleases,” he said looking down.

“Shut up! Beeswax, this is your entire fault! I needed time, more time to enter his bloody soul,” she turned to look in the mirror that stood by its self, she touched her hair and it returned to grey.

“But Madame…”

“I said close it weirdo, I need to see him again, I need to talk to him and convince his soul. I need that Egg. The train leaves in four days’ time from now on, so that means that those two will have him but how do we get to him?” she got frustrated.

“Madame may I suggest something?”

“What!?” she turned to look him in the eye; Beeswax turned his face in fear. “Well since you said that the boy is weak and it is easy to read his thoughts and soul, why you don’t pay him a visit tonight?” he stuttered and turned his face again.

“What an idea, at least you are still useful to me, yes, yes, this is it. I think that is what I will do pay him a nice sleepy visit,” she turned to admire herself on the mirror.

The door got smashed open, and a short man wearing a brown long coat and brown pointy hat rolls his eyes.

“I have a guest for you, Twitch,” Torgus entered the house and put Linkin on a chair. The man turned, Linkin wanted to run away but Torgus held him down. The man walked toward Linkin and started to twitch.

“Who is this? And what you want Torgus?” he twitched.

“Come on Twitch provide some charity for the little boy, he is lost and plus got kidnapped by Beeswax,” he laughed.

“Do I look like a ‘home’ to you Torgus? No!” he turned to look at what he was doing.

“You owe me Twitch and don’t forget that, come on, this is the safest place I could think of.”

“Anyway, where is he from?”

“I do not know.”

“What’s his name?”

“I am not sure,” raising his shoulders.

“Do you know anything about this boy?” he looked at him disappointed. Twitch opened an oven and took out the cookies and put them on the table in a bowl, he offered some to Linkin. Linkin smiled and took one, “you can take another,” he insisted. Linkin has never eaten cookies since he started living with Mother Pricilla.

“Okay I will take him in because he is polite, and nice to meet you to Linkin,” he said. Torgus looked at Spyglass and looked back at Linkin and Twitch. Torgus turned to Linkin. “Is your name Linkin?”

“Yes Sir, it is,” as he bit off the last cookie and Twitch offered him another one.

“Oh, now I remember Odas might have said something about him,” embarrassed…

“Who is Sir Wimpi?” he broke the silence.

“You met Wimpi?” “He came by my home to give me the Golden Ticket today,” Linkin said.

“Nah you just pulling our legs aren’t you?” Torgus said.

“He did come, and he did give me the ticket, a very good man with police man clothing and crazy moustache,” he said truthfully. They all looked at each other and looked back at Linkin.

“Well judging from his description, I say he is telling the truth,” said Twitch. “Damn Wimpi he knows that this is illegal to do so, he can get arrested for this,” he thumped the table with his huge fist. Linkin stared at them confused.

“What is wrong?” he asked.

“The Galoans are forbidden to go to your world,” Spyglass replied.

“But why? Wimpi came and what is wrong with where I live?”

“You do not understand, you simple folks are not connected directly to the Galoans,” Spyglass looked at his watch.

“We have to leave Torgus,” he said.

“Not now Spyglass, just wait a minute so that I can collect myself,” he uneasily looked down.

“Actually now, you know we must prepare the…” he paused. Torgus took a deep breath.

“Take care of him I will come tomorrow to check on him, see you boy,” in a lower voice. They got out of the door, Twitch looked at Linkin and smiled then he frowned. “Do you want to sleep Linkin?” as he turned to look at what he was doing before they came. He turned and Linkin was fast asleep on the chair. He picked him up and gently laid him on the couch; he stood for a long time staring at Linkin in a troubled expression.

“Did you find the boy?” asked old men. He is tall and weary, his eyes are brown and he has shoulder length silver hair and an unshaved beard, he wore glasses that were so small and round, and only held by his nose. He was wearing monk clothing. He turned in a super-fast speed and looked at Torgus and Spyglass.

“Yes, we did, anyway what is the deal with this boy and why can’t we just send him home?” as he took out his ammunition.

“You cannot send a scared child back home. It all because he did not know where to go, Wimpi had to give him a push for him to steal the ticket from his aunt stubborn clutches or he would not make it when he train leaves. Are you sure we can trust him with Twitch?” he turned back to what he was doing.

“I would like to think so,” he unquestionably replied.

“Very well then, keep an eye on him I have a feeling that he is being tempted by dark forces,” he said.

“Okay boss whatever you say, anyway I am going to check up on him tomorrow,” they left the room. Commodore Alastair was a quiet and clever man, he paid great detail to his work and saw things no one could imagine, he wants Galoa to be a fun place for children, an escape wonderland filled with magical experience. So much evil is taking over, for over hundred forty years Galoa was a place of joy and happiness, it was were orphans and troubled children can find their little piece of joy and happiness and escape their cruel world that tortured and did not care for them. Commodore Alastair admired a black arraigner[2] in a glass bottle. “Coco my darling, that boy need to be protected, we cannot let Lady Barbidi destroy the Galoans legacy and purpose, go and look after the boy,” as he winked his index finger and the spider disappeared in a haze. Alastair looked around, he felt empty inside, The Golden Train is the only attempt they have for the children and he wanted things to be perfect.

Comfortably sleeping Linkin started to feel pains in his heard and he kept on turning and tossing on the couch, this woke Twitch and he went to check on him. He felt his temperature which was hot, he was sweating and his face kept on changing colour, from blue, to grey, to purple and pink. Twitch touched him and his eyes turned white and he just froze. “Sleep young one, sleep,” said a voice in his head. Lady Barbidi teleported Linkin’s soul to the darkness of his dreams. “Pay attention boy! Now I need you to do something for me and you shall be rewarded with your wildest dreams. There is a Golden Egg that runs the golden train and I want you to get it for me,” she said.

“Isn’t that stealing?”

“Not if its mine, now listen carefully, the train have an engine and you are going to run into Hoxie’s’[3] which are very mean, and then you will do an incantation of a spell I am going to give to you and they will all fall to sleep, in that engine the Hoxie’s’ are guarding the Golden Egg, am I making myself clear?” “What is incarnation?” Linkin asked. “Stop wasting my time, what did you do before you came to Galoa? Now that is incantation. Look here you will cast a spell on the Hoxie’s, find the egg and then do a last spell then I will receive what is mine,” she chanted.

“I do not know, what if I get caught?”

“Unless you want to,” she spitefully replied. She started showing Linkin his life and his dreams, she showed him his dreams being fulfilled and he looked happy.

“These are your wishes, your darkest wishes and I have the power, the power to make them all true. All you have to do is get me my wishes and I’ll make yours come true. I will keep contact ciao,” she puffed into air. And Linkin got up and all the sweat and pains disappeared, he got scared seeing Twitch by his side. “Ah! Who are you?” he moved back to protect himself. Twitch eyes got back to normal, “did you have a nightmare?” Linkin paused as he was about to say yes,

“No, it is not a nightmare Sir,” he lied.

“Are you sure? You were burning a minute ago,” concerned. Linkin shook his head and went back to sleep. Twitch stood up and stared at the roof; he saw Coco and looked down.

“Have you just arrived now Commodore?” he looked at Coco for an answer. “The boy is troubled, and it seems as Lady Barbidi is making her move. I only saw the boy holding the Golden Egg and that’s it, she was blocking all the important information, but I could look for more if you would like,” he looked down, Coco nodded and left.

[1] long for ‘Barbie’

[2] A  Namibian rain forest spider

[3] Galoans train guards.