BTS Boy meets Evil

Boy Meets Evil

I do what I want, I have gotten my peace
I feel what I want, this time you just weak.
I am living not coping, You keep on straining me…
and time and time you look at me.. I feel like I am losing myself, I go down
discomfort I’m feeling, I am feeling, looking like I am so washed
but time and time again you are here, the header.
But I am feeling my feeling I got no chills.
Looking at my colour , myself I have ills
But a young protégée and I am 4g, looking for me , looking down buddy I am chilling… breath
Soon as you tell me go, this time I know it won’t be cold and growing old and looking for things that we own
But easy, ok, aren’t going your way, you ain’t got any, hell!
But as soon as you come onto here, no comeback, looking at the mirror, but I am telling you, it is hard to get to me
And it is hard to feed someone, eats alive, we alike, even the young heirs
And in my feelings I got no chills.
Looking at my colour , myself I have ills
Getting all deals, deals, deals
Buying your time, but you know you ain’t gonna get any


Too bad… but I got freaks…look at me … sin is sweet
Too bad… But I got weak … now I am free … Look at me
Too bad … sin is sweet … now I am free … look at me
Too bad …. Sin is sweet … look at me … now I am free.
Is the evil…. Yes its evil…saints no evils … yeh, it is feeble


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