A Lettter to my Daughter

Dear Stephanie-Margaret

This is Mom. I write this letter on the 15th of August 2018 at 21:12pm. I hope you get to read this when you are able to comprehend my love for you. You do not know how long I have waited for you, hoped for you, I also knew your names before you were born. I hope to be the best mom I can be, and I pray to God that he blesses me with the ability to raise you into a self-respecting child and later a woman. I do not know what I am going to do once you are born, actually I am scared to imagine what kind of a mother I will be. Will I be able to hold your little fragile body? Will I be able to sleep soundly next to you for the next one year? Will I love as much as I do love you now? Will I be able to provide for you? Will I finally meet you? You know I have a fragile body, and I hope you do not take after me, I hope you are healthier and stronger and more resilient than I am. You do not know how much I love you, how much I want to meet you, how much I want to create a better world and family for you. I want you to have a mother, a father, a grandmother, a grandfather and awesome aunts who will love you as much as I do. I want you to have a better life than I did. I want you to live in a better world, so I need you to be a better person, a better version of me. I want you to reach for your endless dreams, pursue whatever you want in life, I will always be there for you. I will try my best to live as long as I could, and I want you to love your brother so much and take care of him in anyway and everyway you can. I want you to have a forgiving heart, to live a blessed life, to fear and know God, because I fail in this regard. The tears I shed now when I write this letter to you is my anticipation to when I will be able to see you and be with you. I will protect you, smile and laugh with you, dance mercilessly with you and watch as much anime as I can with you. I promise to be by your side in good and bad times, in your adolescent and rebellious life. Stephanie-Margaret you are my lifeline, my everything and my first-born child.

You are my Daughter

I Love you 😊