The Serpents Feeder

None believed that the serpents could rule, could take the land of the mortals and turn it into their own. The forefathers believed that man is man and no animal in whatever kind could be above man. Man is supposed to be the one who is above all animals on land, is supposed to be the domestic feeder of all land animals. The year 1481[1] the year of the serpents awakening, all was known as mortal man changed into an immortal chaos. Man chose to act above the gods and the goddesses of land Kalahari. The Iberian travellers saw the powers of the San people. Their power to harness animal spirits and power. The meerkat dance of the San people captivated them. They saw how animal power can be summoned. They went back to their King and let him know of the secrets of the San people. How spirit power can be harness from ones own animal totem. The King was fascinated and wanted to know whether such power can be harnessed fully, and if they can themselves shape shift into their own spirit animal (the serpent). The travellers went back and found a witch. She was not as they expected, little did they know what a wizard she was, a mage at that. She travelled with the them to Iberia, of course enticed by the interest of a powerfulan. They sailed 8563.32 kilometres, the seas calm as the dead night. She worked on a spell and performed the ritual which would change the Iberian people forever. For she created an imbalance of the living beings, the Earth defended itself by giving life to the water, the Nerovasilissa (in Africa she is known as the Water Queen or also called the Nerians by the modern Iberians). The Nerovasilissa would be able to compel and kill the serpents. The power to be able to kill the imbalance created by King Adonis of the Iberian people. This is the story of their struggles and fight for their mortality while being hunted and killed for their immortality.

Chapter 1


‘No one is outside today, not even a single human passed by, I guess the hunting season has ended. These damn humans think they have all the power against the animals they hunt, if only the poor bucks could talk, humans would stop making trophies out of them. This silence is killing me it had never been this silent before,’ she murmurs to herself. Her brows arching whilst looking out of the small dusty window. A splint of a twig outside makes her scales form. She swallos hard and closes her eyes. Naevia had not had any premonition since last year in Cuba. ‘I keep on hoping that I would see what is coming in the near future, so that I can be able to prepare myself, to communicate, to call onto them, but nothing. What you have done to me is unfair and unscrupulous, this is my power my only source of living, for most of the four hundred years I’ve lived I have never felt this kind of injustice,’ looking into nothing. The silence grew stronger and within a blink of an eye, Naevia was ready to charge and in arms. Her face taking another form. The knife in her hand was made from slangvel, a shiny crescent curved blade, smouldered with the venom of the black mamba from the rain forest of Libya. A flash passed through the trees disturbing the silence and putting Naevia in more suspense and arms, a blistering wind threw the wooden door open. In a ready position, Naevia stood stiff, her body coerced to remain still. A build man appeared through the door. He was magnificent and oozed a lot of self confidence. “Sorry for that” in a very unapologetic voice.“I hope you have enough money to replace it,” looking outside. “Oh, you won’t need money, I see you already have supply.” Indicating the forest with his head. A man who was with him, and seemed to have appeared out of nowhere, took his black, mastered gold robe off his shoulders, and bowed down as he moved away holding it with caution on his left arm. He stared at the little room he was in and twitched his nose in a disgusted manner, he swivelled his gentle hands on the table that was in the middle of the room and observed. Naevia is not dirty. She had always been a reserved, well mannered and responsible young woman. The wild changed her, her anxiety and immediate want, turned her to this. She lived in squaler. She has and had no time to firm bonds with where she settles. Her journey to find her brothers scattered across the world is more urgent than her being comfortable in a wood house submerged between the wild forest. “I see you live alone,” in a calm cold voice. “Who are you?” Naevia asked stuttering. “Who am I you ask? Well, let my introductions come in order,” bowing and moving closer to her at face level. “I am Otavio the only son of King Jaruel, from the land of the Basques people,” showing a sided smile without blinking his eyes. They look more ethereal once you look at then. They make you see tour deepest wishes, colluding your mind, compelling your body and calling you out like a sweet melody sung during spring by the elvens. “So you did not give up hunting us? I can see you sought help from the Nerians. You have really fallen into disparity over the fact that you cannot find the witch,” she said clenching her teeth. He faints a laugh and crises his arms onto his straightened back. He turns. “For a person who is as fragile as you, you have a broad character to you. I do not see any of your brothers anywhere, clearly the rumours are true that the mighty have fallen,” he says in an unpleased tone. “I am going to ask you for the last time, what do you want? I do not personally know you and probably you do not know me, and you come and barge into my house, insult my conditions and now you are acting as if you’re above me!” Her eyes shifting form; her pupils thinning and iris turning yellow. Otavio remains calm. He seems to be expecting her reaction. “If your people were truly strong and could face my family without the Nerians help, I bet you would have been dead by now,” she angrily spits. “I know that you know about King Adonis, the order of the winds and Serpents,” he replies but with a atwrn face. He turns away from her continuous to walk around the shabby table. Otavio is not kind at heart, he seldom if not care for any living life. His ego bruised by the events that transpired 500 years ago, make him pitiless. He has a deep complex of self hate that his people were regarded as uncivilised. He dispised his father and even so his family that followed his leadership. When an opportunity came to get a chance of becoming immortal, he took it and hasn’t looked back ever since. Truly a self proclaimed King. “What do you know about King Adonis and the feeders?” slightly raising his eyes, becoming more exotic and wanting. “I do not know what you are talking about, and what makes you think I have the information you seek? I am just a passer-by. Let me go then I’ll let you live,” she valiantly pleads. “Seriously? Do you want to act dumb to the fact that you know of the conspiracy? We both know who you are and what your family is planning, Naevia,” as he turns to face her. “For almost five hundred years you have been alive, and you still cannot lie, I guess you have learnt nothing over the years. That is why it would be easy to kill you now, Naevia, just like the last borns. Who are they again? Frey, Fabius, Fidellis and Fergus? They cried for you to save them. They were quite large sebae’s, had a lot of problems killing them, but I bet you’re larger but weaker,” he intently looked at her. “I tend to keep to myself, and is not that I cannot lie, it is just that I am a good actor,” fear faltering her words. “Are you fine, dear? Then I tend not to like people who waste my time with silly self proclamations, please answer what I have asked, and I will kill you in silemcw,” his eyes turning yellow, and his neck showing vein. Up close they look like snakes, his whole neck looking like a pathway for snakes. Naevia trying to step back but realising she need to maintain her valiant stance. “I do not tend to like people who threatens me with silly, yellow eyes. I do not know what you ask. So please leave as I have answered you.”  Her body warming up. She could feel her bones fading, turning. Her skin trickling and expanding. Her tongue going deeper into her throat, splitting and taking another form. She is ready to shapeshift into a Sebae. Otavio knew of her plans. Her fear placed her at a disadvantage, and he was quick for her, he holstered a hand crafted  gun, amd in a precise range, and fixed point, shot an azalea filled bullet at her. Azelea plant is known as herbs that turns any serpent weak. Naevia  remained motionless on the floor, tears filling her eyes. She raised her head as the slangvel faded on her face. Her ability to shape shift rendered futile. Otavio wearing a grand smile, he walked closer to her, watching her as she welcomes her death, as the memories of her favourite brothers fades in her mind and the feeling of loss churning deeper in her soul. And so, it began 536 years ago…

536 years ago


‘The king’s order is near, King Adonis is planning to change what is known. His daughter, Naevia, is against it all. She knows  what nature has to go through to maintain the balance of life, and what her father was planning will cause an earthly imbalance. Can man ever cease to be men? Can man be one with with the worldly animals? Naevia, a clever young princess, but she cannot stop what is coming. Being young and a woman in a kingdom ruled by an adamant, patriarchal, and resolute man is leaving her with limited choices and a numb voice. But the tides are changing, and Nerovasilissa is ferociously threatening their kingdom, mortality and worldly conquests. King Adonis only wants to grow his riches and the trips to the land of the dark, proven more riveting has not yielded was he was hoping for. The marauders came with new information after observing the dark namiens, the so called uncivil.  Observing their mystic dance of the meerkat, has captured more interets than the riches they sought and never found. Land of Dark is occupied by the humble people of northern Africa, they are known as the San’s. Their modest way of living made the marauders term them, ‘uncivil and namiens’. They now have a chance to observe the San manifestion of the meerkat, the sacret dance of the San people. Harnessing the soul of the meerkat to hunt at night, treek faraway fields and trek the uncharted land. The meerkat dance an exceptional should harnessing ritual. The marauders long journey and their excavation is halted, and commodore orders their immediate departure. The hopeful news to save the people of Iberia, may come from magic. Setting out to report to the King of what they have come to see and know.


Thursday, a bright and cool day, there are no signs of clouds or an oncoming storm in Iberia. “Your highness, I heard you called for me,” says a woman, she is tall, lean and looks like she maintains her physic. She is laced with thick bangles of fine gold, and white lacey robes that hides jand also slightly reveals her figure. “Yes, Ilyana, I want you to call all my wives and children, I have a very important message for them,” sitting comfortably on his pouffe and eating grapes. You can see the theme of his recent conquest. The Egyptian chalices that held the grapes. The eyeliner he wore darkly and heavily under his eyes. The markings in Arabic that laced the ends of his day robes. Adonis likes fine living, and plagiarism is his biggest take. “May I ask your Highness what is this about?” calmly asking, the brazier slightly crackling with a single flame, and the silence filling the room. “I want you to prepare for the ritual as soon as possible,” he remains silent, slurping a whole grape in his mouth. “But your highness I told — I advised your greatness, that there would be consequences for there is much at stake,” her voice firmly trembling. “I have received good advice and the African witch certified that I will be the King of all people and animals alike. We will no longer be afraid of the night and the curse that has fallen our land,” looking at her. “The curse simply requires rituals, and as long we do our part, and give our offerings, surely the Nerian queen will go easy on us. She will stop bedding the men in the country and reducing our mortality,” trying to reason. “She has declared war unto us, because she hates that we use the sea to seek abundance in other lands, she is clearly devious. How many boats has she sunk?” raising his voice. “She claims that we are polluting her sea, and overfishing,” trying to reason with him. “Ilyana, reasoning seems to be your only go-to card? I have run out of patience, we need to maintain our own mortality, she has taken everything, what if I lose my only children?” giving her a hostile glare. She bows, “I will do as you ask my King, ” leaving him.


“Why are you keeping her by your side? She is against your greatness?” says a witch appearing brazenly from the burning brazier. “She’s loyal and a good friend. I cannot just discard her. Convincing her will do, if I can’t, then commanding her it will be all that is needed. She never disobeys instructions,” brazenly looking at the witch. She wears a beautiful youthful face, but Adonis knows of her trickery. He is using her for greater power, once she is done with the her, he will banish her from Iberia. He closely observes her, thinking about the first time he met her.



King Adonis – The King of the Iberian people in Portugal ( state of Niakkara)

Naevia – Last born of King Adonis, and the fifteen child

Frey – Second last born of the quadruples of King Adonis, and the fourteen child

Fabius – Third last born of the quadruples of King Adonis, and the thirteen child

Fergus –   Fourth last born of the quadruples of King Adonis, and the twelve child

Fidellis – Fifth last born of the quadruples of King Adonis, and the eleventh child

Adonis II – The tenth child of King Adonis

Elieh – The ninth child of King Adonis

Carac – The eighth child of King Adonis

Mikhael – The seventh child of King Adonis

Yael – The sixth child of King Adonis

Uriel – The fifth Child of King Adonis

Favian – The fourth child of King Adonis

Castiel – The third child of King Adonis

Angêl – The second child of King Adonis

Cael – The first born of King Adonis


[1]               Approximately year 1481

[2]              Snake skin

[3]  Rhododendron canadenis (Plant harmful to snakes)

[4] Snake skin